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Inventory as of January 20, 2019

 Jeep Grand Wagoneers™    Note. Jeep (stock # 11U) shown in photos below just put on deposit. Will update photos ASAP

 Year Stock # Item Header Exterior Color Miles X 1000 Price Comments
1986 64S Briarwood Honey 83 ask SOLD
1988 11U Bright White Cordovan 98 ask SOLD
1988 65S Bright White Tan 117 ask In process
1989 80R Bright White Cordovan 31 ask SOLD
1990 12P Bright White Sand 101 ask Near completion
1980 19Q Bordeaux Nutmeg 37 ask Needs wood, leather, and paint
1991 V-1 Hunter Green Sand 189 ask CA origin (arriving soon)
1979 V-2 Bordeaux Nutmeg 101 ask See "More Photos" page
1991 V-3 Hunter Green Sand 164 ask SOLD
1988 26T Black Cordovan 51 $16,500 SOLD



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